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I have been with Nationwide for more years than I can remember and they have always been so helpful and really are easy to work with. There is no arguing or pleading when there is a claim, they quickly address the situation and are so fair in appraising the damage and the check is in the mail within a couple of days. Lee Doss is my Nationwide Agent and she is always there to help with a friendly and caring attitude.
I've worked with Hayden a this agency and have had good experiences with getting questions answered and any information needed.
I have never written a review for anything before, even when I am happy with services provided. But Seagroves is something else. Leon, who I was referred to by a car dealership, is not only an amazing insurance agent, but also a great advisor in all things automobile-related. Not being from the US, I don't always understand how things are done with vehicles here, but Leon was very patient and truly did go the extra mile to make sure my experience with Seagroves was positive. Generally, the agency is always happy to help, is always very polite and comprehensive with all the information they give. 100% would recommend and will be remaining loyal to this agency no doubt.
Insurance is a necessity we all hope we never have to cash in on, but if we do, it's because we've had to deal with something stressful in our lives and the last thing we want is added stress from our insurance company. I was insurance claim free for many years, but in the last 6 months I had an auto claim and a homeowners claim. The people at Seagroves treated me like family and did everything in their power to see that my claims were handled quickly and stress free. Great Customer Service is hard to find these days, but you'll find it with Seagroves.
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